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Dronacharya Sr. Sec School


Dronacharya Public School Mubarikpur, embraces a House System as an integral part of our educational framework. This system is meticulously designed to instill a sense of community, friendship, teamwork, and healthy competition among our learners.

The House System not only promotes a spirit of pride in the school but also accentuates learners' acumen in a wide array of sports and cultural activities. We believe that by fostering a school culture through this system, we can enhance the overall development of our students.

Our school comprises four distinctive houses, each representing unique values and characteristics:

Prithvi House
Agni House
Sameer House
Ambar House

Each house is diligently supervised by a House Master and a team of dedicated House Teachers. At the helm of each house is a dynamic House Captain and House Vice-Captain, providing leadership and guidance.

Throughout the academic year, we organize various co-curricular and extra-curricular Inter-House contests, ensuring active participation from learners of all houses. These contests encompass a diverse range, including English and Vernacular Elocution, Quiz Contests, Rangoli making, PPT making, and many more. Participation in these activities not only hones the learners' skills but also sharpens their intellect, nurtures hobbies, and provides a relaxing outlet for their minds.

At the culmination of the academic year, the house that demonstrates the best performance across these diverse activities is declared the 'Champion.' This recognition is a testament to the collective efforts, teamwork, and achievements of the members of that particular house.

The House System at Dronacharya Public School Mubarikpur is more than just a structural framework; it is a vibrant and integral component of our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals. Through this system, we strive to imbibe essential values, instill a sense of belonging, and foster an environment where each learner can flourish academically, socially, and culturally.